Alexandre Adler was born in Paris on 23rd September 1950. He has made a name for himself as a famous journalist and French historian. He is a Knight in the true sense as he has been given the title of Chevaliar under Le’gion d’Honneur, the highest award of the French Government. He is also the chairman for the CRIF, which represents the Jews in France. Starting off as Maoist, he later switched over to the Communist Party. However, in 1970, he moved on to be a member of the Right Front and continues to do so. This has helped him in building relations with the neoconservatives in the US and his wife, Blandine Kriegel works closely with him.

Brief History

alexandreAlexandre Adler was born to German and Jewish parents in Paris in 1950. His family faced and survived the dreaded Holocaust and World War II. He completed his graduation in history in 1974 from the prestigious E’cole Normale Superieure, which is a well known body for higher studies in France.

Career as a Journalist

• From 1982 -1992, Adler worked with the well known French newspaper named Libe’ration.
• From the year 1992-1998, he held position as chairman of the Interarmy College of Defense, which falls under the Defense Ministry of France. To this day, he works as a Professor of higher military learning in this college.
• In 1992, he became the editorial director of the Courier International, which was a weekly publication and published the best articles of the international press. He held this position till 2002.
• He has also worked as an editor for Le Monde, which is a record of French dailies and has also joined hands with some weeklies like Le Point and L’Express.
• Presently he is part of the editorial board of the French newspaper Le Figaro.

Alexandre Adler books

• J’ai vu Finir Le Monde Ancient: Published in 2001, this book analyses the political consequences of the September 11 attack on the twin towers.
• L’odyssée américaine: This book talks about the American political scene
• Rendez-vous avec l’Islam: This is a work about how Islam will affect the world with its comeback.

Political Career

• In US Presidential elections in 2000, he supported George W Bush.
• He thinks that the Altermondialist movement is against freedom.
• He was in full support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

With his vast experience, it does not come as a surprise that Alexandre’ Adler has made a few predictions of his own.

• His prediction that George Bush would lose to John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election came true.
• Just like he published in his newspaper, the war against Iraq never took place.
• He also stated that the victory of Silvio Berlusconi in the 2001 elections of Italy would be a catastrophe, but later declared that this was what Democracy is all about.
Alexandre’ Adler continues to work as an editor, a professor as well as a political aid and is an inspiration for the youngsters.